Ten of the 1,000 printed copies of Proof come with a “golden ticket” that is redeemable for an original polaroid taken by Jim Goldberg.

Limit 10 copies per customer; limit one prize per individual.

For Triennial artist Jim Goldberg, what started as a 77-image collage titled “Contact” has grown into an archive of over 600 images (and growing). Proof is his attempt at assembling a “family album”; a catalog-raisonné of all his photographic encounters during the past 9 years of this project.

On one level, this piece illuminates Goldberg’s working and editing process, and shows us how he uses markings and notes to make sense of the shot. On a completely different level, this work describes the way he conceptually addresses his subject. While both the words ‘Contacts’ and ‘Proof’ are photographic terms used to describe a set amount of images or quickly made prints, Goldberg uses these technical terms to illustrate that these are people who he has had contact with, certifying the existence of people who would otherwise be invisible.  

Jim Goldberg’s installation in A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial is on view at the ICP museum through September 22, 2013. 

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